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Sample Washington Private Investigator License

Washington Private Investigator License

There are two types of a Washington private investigator license. The first type is for those who prefer unarmed status. The second one is for those who want to carry a firearm. Each of them has its requirements that you need to meet.

How do I get a private investigator license in Washington state?

The application process is nearly the same in all the states of the U.S (check Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, etc.) So, in order to get the permit, you have to go through all steps in order. First of all, you have to meet the WA general requirements:

  • If you tend to be weaponless, the minimum age limit is 18.
  • For armed registration, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a citizen of the US or an inhabitant foreigner.
  • You have not been convicted of a crime that interferes with your activities as a PI.
  • Possess a legitimate business permit from this area as well as to conduct trade in this state. Meantime be hired as an employee in a firm that operates within the same legal limits․
  • Working experience is not mandatory if you act as an individual. But if you intend to run your organization, three years of job history before the submission is obligatory.
  • Pass fingerprint background check.

Required application form

Secondly, If you would like to hold a weapon during your duty then you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Apply for a firearm certificate via the company where you plan to work. The State of Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission is in charge of the document of achievement.
  • Have valid authorization to be the owner of a concealed gun.
  • Be registered as an unarmed detective or an agency owner.
  • To confirm your right to carry a weapon as a foreigner.
  • Make a $100 additional payment for the application.

If you prefer to be without a firearm then:

  • Appeal for a credential.
  • Complete training course.
  • Pay $200 fees.

Besides, you need to pay:

  • $25 for the association.
  • $25 for qualified instructors’ exams.

How much is a private investigator in Washington?

The cost of an inquiry agent is not fixed. There are extra expenses that impact it. Also, the difficulty of your case may influence the rate. So, coming up with the main idea you should know that the minimum hourly rate is $60- $70. But the average price is $70-$200.

Do you need a license to be a private investigator?

You do not need a license to be a private investigator. As a rule, you obtain it based on your employment․ That is to say, you may already be an employee at an organization or have received a job offer.

How do I start a PI business?

First of all, your data must meet the basic requirements described above. Secondly, to complete the relevant program of study and pass the exam. Thirdly, prepare the necessary documentation for the application. And lastly, you can apply online after making appropriate payments.

Above all these, you should be ready to start your own company. In other words, mastering the relevant proficiency, knowledge, and skills is a priority in this field․ Otherwise, you will lose all your investments.

Pay attention, that the Washington state department of licensing provides the permit for the business. However, the Department of Revenue develops and handles it. Hence, it is regarded as an affirmation of the further legal permission of your trade.

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