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Washington Plumbing License

This article is for people who want to obtain permission. Here you will find answers to all your questions regarding the process and needs for obtaining the latter. Moreover, there will be no need for searching them elsewhere. Read this article to know how to get your trainee card, find an apprenticeship, and also keep your permit.

Washington Plumbing License Requirements

Aspiring contractors start as apprentices, operating under the direction of a master or journeyman. On-the-job practice is used to meet requirements. These criteria are listed below:

Besides, if you are willing to take classes online, numerous schools offer you practice about fundamental skills and preparing for any entry-level jobs. Moreover, they offer interactive study guides, helping you become a skilled specialist.
You can operate apart from direct on-site control throughout the last six months of pleasing the functional experience requirements of this part if you have successfully finished or are currently enrolled in an accepted apprenticeship curriculum or a technical school program.

Journey level:

  • No less than 8,000 labor hr as a trainee under the supervision of an authorized pipe fitter, yet 4,000 hr of those spent working in industrial or commercial installations
  • A minimum of 32 hr of practice in an L&I recognized medical gas training course
  • Pass an exam 189.80
  • Authentication fee $227.90

In addition, you have to submit the application by mail or online at least two weeks previous to the exam date.


  • Working in the specialty no less than 6,000 labor hours under supervision of an approved residence
  • Pass an examination $189.80
  • Authentication fee $227.90

Residential Service:

  • At least 4,000 labor hours of experience under the control of a residential level master
  • Pass an examination $189.80
  • Authentication price $227.90

Pump and Irrigation:

  • Working in the specialization for at least 4,000 labor hours under the supervision of a qualified master
  • Take a test $189.80
  • Documentation price $228


  • A vital BAT (Backflow Assembly Tester Documentation) emitted by the Washington State Department of Health
  • Take a test $189.90
  • Documentation price $157.20

Medical Gas:

  • A minimum of 32 hours of practice in an L&I recognized medical gas training course
  • Have a valid journey-level permit
  • Offer a duplicate of a valid National Inspection Testing and Certification Corporation or Training Certification and Medical Equipment card
  • Apply for endorsement
  • Take a test $69.80
  • Documentation price $156.70

After all, in most cases, contractor requests get a determination within five weeks.
You can verify your online permission via visiting the official page of the State Department of Labors and Industries.

How to renew a plumbing license in Washington?

After you have got the right to do the job, you have to complete eight hours of continuing education practice every year to keep it current.
The requirements for renewing are:

  • A current journeyman level certificate or a specialized pipe fitter permit
  • Your course provider has to submit proof of your continuing education to L&I.
  • A remuneration

Required fees:

  • Journey: $227.90
  • Residential / residential service: $227.90
  • Pump and Irrigation: $228
  • Backflow: $157.20
  • Medical Gas: $156.70

What state plumbing license does Washington accept?

WA and Idaho have a reciprocal permission for Journey level contractors. That is to say, all other applicants, to work, need to pass a test.
For applying, you need:

  • Present a duplicated government-issued photo ID
  • Out-of-state permission
  • Take a test, the non-refundable cost of which is worth $151.90

In addition, you need to send a request by mail or online for a minimum of two weeks in anticipation of the examination for providing the L&I considerable time to receive and process it. As a consequence of limited seating availability, it is recommended to submit apps as soon as you are able. You can submit your application to sign up for an upcoming exam as soon as your credentials have been authorized.

For requesting more information, apply to:

Phone number: (360) 902 5207
Email: [email protected]

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